Mindful Nutrition: 6 steps to healthy eating

Paying attention to what you eat just might save your life

Henry Tan

11/10/20213 min read

Our modern-day process foods are slowly killing us! They are making us sick and interfering with our quality of life.

I’m not talking about mechanically processed foods. I’m referring to is our packaged food that comes in all kinds of beautiful packaging, made to look inviting, from a nice looking diet soda to the ruffled potato chips to a bag of yummy ramen.

They look so inviting and taste so good. But they are killing us. Don’t take my word for it. Just read these alarming statistics:

A 2012 Study commissioned by the World Health Organization showed that the primary cause of the 445,000 cardiovascular deaths in the United States was attributed to poor diets. Nearly half a million in the US alone in one year! Additionally, a 2016 Center for Disease Control study showed for the first time that obesity caused by poor diet choices had replaced tobacco as the number one killer of 559,000 Americans per year.

The figures in Korea are not much better. The number two cause of death in Korea — stomach cancer, attributed to poor diet choices. And diseases such as kidney failure and high blood pressure caused by poor diets (noticeably too much salt), are “off the charts.”

So, where do we get all this salt, sugar, trans-fat, and chemicals? From our chemically-processed, good-looking, and great tasting packaged food — where else.

But........... I need my sugar and salt fix to live. Really? Well, here are some facts:

The amount of sugar you need to live healthy — 5 grams (one teaspoon) VS the amount that the average population consumes — 130 grams (26 teaspoons)!

The amount of salt you need in your diet is only 500 mg a day VS the average amount consumed by the average population is 3,400 mg a day (I would say it is even more in Korea).

And diet soda?

OK, so diet soda has 0 calories — but it also has chemicals that your body can’t process? And you know what? Anything your body doesn’t know what to do with — it stores as fat — so much for 0 calories.

I know I paint a bad picture. But I’m here to say to each one of you that you can act to reverse the problems caused by all these chemicals and empty calories in our food. I did it.

In June 2018, on a Saturday afternoon at Starbucks, my life would change forever. I was introduced to a process I call ‘mindful nutrition’. I learned it’s a relatively simple process. It consists of 6 simple steps:

1) And most important — cut out all processed sugar. All. Of. It. Notice I didn’t say all processed food. But anything that has high amounts of processed sugar — donuts, cake, most juices, and a lot of pre-packaged food with fructose — cut it out. You don’t need it.

2) No sodas — not even diet sodas — remember, the chemicals your body doesn’t know what to do with — it stores as fat in the liver.

3) Only whole grain carbs — that means no white bread and no white rice.

4) Drink lots and lots of water — 3 to 4 liters a day. Most people are way, way to dehydrated during the day.

5) Eat smaller meals, but more frequently. I eat five-to-six times a day, but I make sure that my meal portions are smaller than usual — and I eat lots of lean meat and vegetable

6) Don’t cheat yourself out of needed sleep — at least 6 hours, but more like seven-to-eight hours a night.

There you have it — nothing fancy, no calorie counting, no journal keeping, nothing too hard to do, but be mindful of the foods you eat. You can use this method to stay healthy, and just by doing these simple things, you will shed any unwanted kilos.

I’m a real believer in mindful nutrition. Try it yourself: your health will thank you for it!

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unhealthy sugary drink
unhealthy sugary drink
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2 person holding bottle of beer
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unhealthy white sugar cube processed sugar